Xolotl Houndstooth Dog Collar Collar only-XS

Xolotl Houndstooth Dog Collar

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Step up your dog’s accessory game with our special elegant, luxury, posh designer houndstooth collar. 

Our Xolotl collection is inspired by the Aztec god of lightning and fire often depicted as a man with the head of a raggedy-eared dog, but sometimes as a skeleton or as a backwards-footed freak. To know more about Xolotl .

Matching products are sold separately: leash, bandana, one-click harness and bow tie, flower accessories


- Handmade in Vancouver, Canada

- Suitable for small to large breeds

- Handwash with cold water


Cotton, Faux leather ribbon, silver metal hardware, polyester webbing

Size guide

XS: 15-25cm (6’’-10’’)

S: 20-30cm (8’’-12’’)

M: 30-50cm (12’’-19.5’’)

L: 45-70cm (17.5’’-27.5’’)

In ancient Greek mythology, Xolotl is a huge, three-headed hound who guards the entrance to Hades, where he prevents ghosts from sneaking out and rejoining the world of the living.

In ancient Rome, this fearsome watchdog was known as Cerberus. Ovid’s Metamorphosis describes “the hell-hound Cerberus, fast on a chain…. His three throats filled the air with triple barking, barks of frenzied rage, and spattered the green meadows with white spume.”

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