Snuffle Nose Work and Sniff Training Mats for Dogs

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Dog Snuffle Mats Nose Work Sniff Training Blanket Puzzle

Sniffing is natural for dogs, 10 minutes training of sniffing is equivalent to an hour of running. These snuffle mats can help dogs relieve stress and release extra energy.

Hide treats, kibbles or small toys in this training mat, and let your dogs sniff to find them out.

The bottom of each mat has a non-slip cloth, which helps keep the mat in place and prevent the dog from moving the mat.

The main fabric of the sniffing pad is felt cloth, which is environmentally friendly and easy to clean. Suitable for all dogs and cats, your pets will love it. 


  • It is a unique dog training mat, hide snacks or small toys in the snuff mat for your dog to find. The mats help to train your dog's smell, and can consume your dog's energy.
  • Keep your dog occupied. This dog feeding pad is a great way to have a dog with lots of energy use their brain during their dinner time, it can wear them out just like walking.
  • Non-slip pad with 2 straps, that you can fix under a chair to prevent it from slipping when the dog is sniffing.
  • The dog mat stimulates your dog mentally and physically, helping to relieve stress and promote relaxation.
  • Easy to clean, the pads are made of sustainable hand-made anti-pilling fleece material, and can be cleaned by machine.
  • Large size about 90*90cm/35.43*35.43in, very suitable for medium, large dogs, cats and other animals

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