Warm and Cozy Pet Bed – By Bartholemew J. aka Bart.

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 I give this warm and cozy pet bed 4 paws up! 

When my people leave the house it’s where I like to curl up or stretch out with my stuffy pals close by.

With all the effort that I put into rubbing my personal brand of stink 👃 into my warm and cozy bed, my people still take advantage of its washable 🛁 material and de-stink it regularly (to my disappointment).


My bed is designed with a waterproof bottom layer for those times I get super busy and accidentally dribble 😳.

I also found that it’s an excellent spot for my evening boney chewing or when I want to just kick back and work on cleaning out my treat toy.

Much to my displeasure My people Mom decided it was also a good spot to trim my nails too when she finds me relaxing on my warm and cozy bed.



If you are looking for a nice comfy bed for your furry pal, I recommend that you take a look at this bed, your pet will not be disappointed.

🖱️ Click on the link below to check out all the sizes and colors this bed comes in.


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