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Keeping a higher energy dog under control during walks is not always an easy task.

Unless your dog is very well trained, there is no doubt your dog will try to pull you in the direction he or she wants to go and almost completely dislocate your Walk the Dogarm in the process or have you go sailing through the air like a cartoon. 

Today thankfully, there are harnesses that prevent this situation from happening. Our favorite in this category is the TrueLove Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harness.

What is a "No-Pull" Dog Harness?

A No-Pull harness will discourage your dog from pulling you around while you take your leisure walks in the neighborhood or at the park. An attachment for their leash, located at the front of the harness, helps to lead the dog towards you as they try to pull away. This changes their pace and rhythm of their walk. It may not be the answer to completely stop your dog from pulling, but having a No-Pull style of harness will definitely help. The end goal is for you and your dog to be able to take effortless walks where you remain in control. This should also mean less arm strain and a better walking posture for you as well.

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Dog Harness:

Barts Blog TrueLove No-Pull Harness | Pawsome Pets Supply
  • Size Of Your Dog Relative to the Harness Design - Does the Harness provide a wrap around controlling design
  • Strength and Security - Is the harness strong enough and have the front attachment point to keep your dog from pulling?
  • Design and Comfort - Will your Dog be comfortable and have full mobility while wearing the harness?
  • Functionality - Will the harness allow you to walk your dog with ease and minimal effort?
  • Price - Do you see value and is it worth it?

Taking all of this into consideration, let's take a closer look at the TrueLove No-Pull Dog Harness that we are featuring in this weeks blog.

TrueLove NO-PULL Dog Harness Overview:

TrueLove No-Pull Adjustable Harness - Black | Pawsome Pets Supply

The TrueLove No-Pull Adjustable Dog harness is definitely one of the major contenders in this category. This padded dog harness is one of the more expensive harnesses on the market but for it's price point it is feature rich. 

Made from high quality materials that can withstand chewing, high-load capacity Duraflex buckles, strong tensile strength that can with stand the pulling pressure of even the heaviest pullers, and aluminum leash attachment points for the ultimate in strength. You will love this reflective harness for your furry companion.

At a Glance


 ✅ Heavy Duty

 ✅ Multiple Color Selection

 ✅ 2-Leash Attachment Points

 ✅ 3M Reflective Stitching

 ✅ Easy On / Off

 ❌ A Little Heavy For Small Dogs

 ❌ Top End of Category Pricing


TrueLove has been producing pet products and reflective dog harness vests for over 10-years now. They are hands-on when it comes to customer feedback. Through this connection to the customer and information gathered through the years, they developed this No-Pull harness for our furry friends. 

Here are some of the key elements that TrueLove company believes will assist you with your pet's high-energy pulling;

Design and Comfort - 🟡🟡🟡🟡

Made from a durable nylon, scratch resistant outer layer and a soft mesh inner lining, this lightweight harness boasts comfort, load dispersion, and extended wear. It is sponge padded in the belly and chest area so your dog can enjoy wearing the harness all day if needed. The lining is double stitched to prevent ripping from heavy pulling dogs. Two Duraflex buckle attachments make it easy to to put the harness on your dog or take it off after your adventure.

TrueLove No-Pull Padded Harness - Purple | Pawsome Pets Supply

Strength and Security - 🟡🟡🟡🟡

Securing the harness are two high load capacity Duraflex buckles that can with stand the pressure of a pulling dog. The harness also features 3M reflective stitching on the straps to keep you and your pet visible and safe on your early morning or evening walks. The harness is equipped with two alloy aluminum d-rings located on the back and on the chest for maximum security when taking a walk. If you need additional control, the built in padded handle at the back of the vest can help you in those situations that demand more control.

Functionality - 🟡🟡🟡🟡

The harness has two leash attachments. One is located on the back and the other at the front chest area. TrueLove suggests that when using this harness as a beginner, use two leads rather than one, to condition / train your dog and get the full performance value from this harness. 

Use the top lead (back leash attachment) to steer your dog in the direction you want them to go. Use the front lead (chest leash attachment) to act as a brake for when your dog starts to pull. As your dog learns to pull less you can ultimately work towards only having to use the top / back leash attachment.

TrueLove adjustable no-pull padded dog harness - orange
High Energy and large breed dogs are wonderful companions and they can sometimes be tough to handle if not fully trained  or without the proper tools. My wife and I have certainly loved a few of them in our household. The TrueLove adjustable, no-pull dog harness is the best option in the category of No-Pull pet harnesses. 
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