Large Breed Dog Harness - Two Thumbs Up - Our Personal Review

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Well it has been going on a couple of months now that we have been testing our Heavy Duty dog harness with our very own doggy named Bart.

We thought this would be a great time to talk about this product and how it has been working for us.

It is very easy to be skeptical about a product that you order on-line, you don't always know what your in for and you don't get the opportunity to handle the item before hitting that infamous add to cart button.

We are happy to report that this product is a Winner! We find it very easy to put on and off of our pal Bart. I am sure if he could talk he would express how comfortable he finds it to be. The top area of the harness is approx. a 1/4" thick and is well padded. The leash attachment point is really well enforced and we have not had any issues with the quality of this product.

It has certainly reduced Bart's urge to pull us along when walking, the way he normally will when the leash is just attached to his collar. We are happy to have found such a high quality harness and in turn be able to offer it in our store.

Bart our dog is a bit unruly at times and when ever we would walk him with the leash attached to his collar you would swear we were trying to kill him. He would pull so hard and aggressively that he would be constantly choking himself, and that in turn with have him coughing and hacking. We were always concerned that he could suffer a neck injury as a result.

Now when we walk him with the harness he has completely changed his behavior and eliminated the dramatic choking part of our adventures. Now while he is better behaved this has not completely stopped his unruly behavior when other dogs walk past him, but we will take this as a win none the less.

Another great feature of the harness is that the stitching on it is reflective. As I write this in our area we are heading into fall which means we are getting darker out sooner in the evening which is when we like to go for walks with Bart. The reflective stitching helps approaching vehicles easily see where we are.

The harness is super easy to put on Bart, after we did the initial strap adjustments (there are two) we just leave the collar strap connected and slip it over his head when its time to head out and we fasten the one body strap, taking less than a minute to take on and off.

He loves the harness and knows exactly what's up when I take it off the shelf.

Take a look at our harness offering, we have them in Red, Black, Camo and even a Leopard print.

You will also see in the photo that he like to take along his collapsible water bowl when we head out. Perfect for those quick hydration breaks.

Thanks for reading our Blog.

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Shawn L
Pawsome Pets Supply


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