Bart’s Blog – TrueLove Boots – November 10, 2020

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It’s winter! ☃️ I love snow! ❄️ I love rolling in it, doing snow zoomies and diving into big piles of fluffy flakes ❄️ with my whole face!

Besides playing with my people outside and eating treats… My next favorite thing is always WALKIES! 🦮 I do not like slipping on the ice or how cold and sore my paws get in the slushy snow.

My people Dad got me a set of TrueLove booties and I was hesitant and suspicious… I don’t like wearing things on my paws. 🐾

Barts Blog Waterproof Dog Boots

Reluctantly, I humored my people and let them put the Truelove Boots on me.

Then, I took THEM for a walk. My feet stayed warm, dry and I didn’t slip! They have grippy style rubbery bottoms and dual ankle straps so they didn’t even fall off while I was letting my people sniff and explore…

I am giving the TrueLove Boots Four Paws 🐾🐾 Up! I like ‘em!  

They are so comfortable with micro-suede inside, that I even left them on while I snacked on my sweet potato chew.

Woops! Gotta go for now, I smell pumpkin cookies… 🍪🍪

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