Bart’s Blog March 4th, 2021 – TrueLove Technical Outdoor Coat

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I have to start off by saying I didn’t used to like wearing clothes that my people insisted I wear.

Now I’m comfortable with it and even enjoy the praise I get for being a good boy and not arguing when they put things on me. 

The newest thing I started wearing is my TrueLove Technical Outdoor Coat. It’s really comfortable light weight, easy to get on and off and even keeps my body protected from wind and rainy weather!

My Dad says it keeps me more visible during our evening walkies too. Because it’s wind and waterproof, I bug my Dad to take me for walkies even when it’s yucky out. I don’t mind! I could stay out for hours!

TrueLove Technical Dog Parka | Pawsome Pets Supply

Everyone keeps saying I’m a big dog. Something about Lab cross, so I wear a 65 cm sized coat and it’s nice and roomy. I saw some for my small doggy pals too. My Dad measured the length of my back before he picked this one for me. I just thought it was playtime and tried to wrestle.

Three barks of approval for this coat!

I hope you guys get one too so you can have longer walkies without getting wet and cold!

Until next time… Oh look! Squeaky toys!



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